3 Alternatives To Working In A Coffee Shop For Freelancers

As a freelancer I’m always looking for new places to work. I find myself at odds with working in coffee shops, I just can’t settle. My nosiness takes over and I end up flitting between facebook and listening to other people’s conversations.

Not good for a productive work day.

So here are 3 places where you can get your work done without over dosing on caffeine and inane chatter…

A public library…

On Friday I visited Birmingham’s new Library. WOW. With wifi, big open work spaces and a roof garden, it’s a shame that more libraries aren’t like it. But most libraries are pretty good workspaces.    They’re quiet, calm, full of resources and woefully underused these days.

Some more images from Birmingham Library – amazing right? Continue reading “3 Alternatives To Working In A Coffee Shop For Freelancers”

Sunday Stumble…

Sunday already! The weeks seem to be whizzing by at the moment and here’s me slowly adjusting to Autumn, it’ll be winter before we know it.

So this week has been crazy busy, I’ve been busy working on my e-books, was interviewed for a great podcast series and tried out co-working – but more about that later.

Shall we get on with this weeks very wordy stumble then?

I am currently obsessed with Hotel Secrets – a great new series on Sky Atlantic hosted by Richard E Grant who delves in to the world of the hotel business. I find hotels absolutely fascinating. One of my first jobs was working at the Celtic Manor Resort. I worked via an agency so tried out a variety of positions from pot washer to chambermaid and I remember desperately wanting a career in hotel management.  If I ever win the lotto I’ve got fabulous plans for a few derelict properties in Newport and Cardiff!

This week I tried out co-working. I had a few hours to spare after a meeting in Birmingham so thought it would be the PERFECT time to get my head down and in to my e-book. I don’t work too well in coffee shops, I’m so nosey that instead of working I get sucked in to people watching and eavesdropping on conversations – great for when I’m writing fiction but not SO good when I’m trying to write an e-book about having a fabulous Christmas*

I visited The Moseley Exchange, it cost £10 for 3 hours and quite honestly it was fabulous. The people were so friendly (check out a fellow co-workers website – Fandango media) and welcoming it’s a shame I don’t live in Moseley because I’d be a regular. I will however be checking out the Cardiff equivalent very soon!

Gossiping with…

I was SO honoured to be asked to record a podcast with the amazing Dave Thackeray of Talknology. We were supposed to be having a good old chat about tech stuff but instead we got totally lost in the moment and discussed everything – a total brain dump if you will. You can hear my podcast on the Talknology or download it from iTunes. Visit the site to hear some superb podcasts from more sensible, grown up people!


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Just a few things before I say goodbye…

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