Sugar Free & Healthy: Two Breakfasts To Enjoy On The Go…

I think one of the biggest problems people face when it comes to eating breakfast is time!

If your mornings are packed with trying to get the kids out of the door, or getting to work before 7am then you’re not really going to want to faff about with breakfast. Busy people tend to lean towards cereal and cereal bars when it comes to eating in the morning because it’s easy and portable. But in reality it’s just sugar.

David Gillespie who wrote Sweet Poison said: Sugar avoidance can eliminate whole food groups, not just chocolate and ice-cream. Take a walk down the breakfast cereal aisle and you will be struggling to find a single product that doesn’t have significant amounts of sugar.
Breakfast can be an enormous source of sugar in a ‘healthy’ diet.

Did you know that eating heart foundation approved cereal (i.e Kellogg’s Just Right) and a glass of apple juice for breakfast will add up to almost alb of sugar over a week.

So if you’re trying to be healthy then cereal really isn’t the way to roll. But don’t fear here are two great breakfast recipes that you can make the night (or 3) before and are easy to take with you…

Overnight Oats

 photo 2

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