How to cope when things don’t go your way…

Life isn’t fair.We know that. Here are a few tips I use to cope with those times when things just don’t go my way…

Step back and evaluate. I always suggest getting a pad and sharpie and scribbling the shit out of the problem. Best therapy known to man involves a sharpie. Trust me.

Know that you’re not alone. You’re not the only one out there facing the same problem so either find them (twitter?) or just get on with things and deal with it.  Dealing with things is VERY underrated.

What are you really upset about? When I failed my driving test for the 80 millionth time (< bit of an exaggeration), I went to bed. I gave up, crawled under the duvet and declared I wasn’t coming out for anything. Now that wasn’t going to get me on the road was it? But what I was really upset about wasn’t so much the driving test but an accumulation of other things in my life (read: love life issues). I wanted to drive so badly because I wanted a bit of independence and actually the courage to be able to walk (or drive) away from the person I was involved with at the time. So, when you’re upset 99% of the time the trigger point isn’t actually the main source.

Have a good old rantbut don’t go on and on about it. EVERYONE needs a good old rant occasionally but the trick is to get it off your chest and then move on – for not just your own sake but those around you.

Have a good think. Shut out the noise and just be alone with your thoughts. Its amazing how quickly things right themselves when you have a moment to just process your thoughts.

Is your life over because of what’s gone on? No, probably not, so realise that the situation could be a lot worse and just move the fuck on.

LEARN. There are people in this life who just never learn. Don’t be one of those. Learn from your mistakes, for example, I hurt myself pretty badly last year because I tried to cut a pesky bit of string and instead of pointing the knife downwards, I pointed it upwards.I won’t go in to the gory details, needless to say I felt ridiculous (I took myself back to bed on that occasion too – clearly a pattern) and I’d never, ever do that again. It’s like running with scissors, there’s a reason you’re told not to do it.

Take a break. Go for a walk, visit a friend, go on a trip, have a nap – whatever your preferred method is take a few hours out to forget about it. You’ll then have a rested mind and you’ll be in a better place to deal with things.

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