Shirataki Noodles (aka Yam Noodles)

This post seems to have had a boost thanks to Channel 4’s #FoodUnwrapped so I thought it was a good time to republish it. Since it’s been a year since I originally posted this – and I’ve fallen more and more in love with Konjac and “Slim Pasta” then if you have ANY questions please feel free to leave a comment below….enjoy!

So I posted my post gym dinner on Instagram last night and since it’s drawn lots of questions, I thought it would be easier to answer them here.

This is the pork and vegetable stir-fry with shirataki noodles I made last night…

Shirataki Noodles (aka Yam Noodles)

Shirataki (or yam) noodles have been used in Japanese cuisine for YEARS. They’re basically thin, translucent noodles that are made from a vegetable called Konjac (which is also known as devil’s tongue, voodoo lily, snake palm, or elephant yam).  They dry the yam and grind it into a flour from which they make the noodles. I’m sure you can think of lots of vegetables that have practically zero calories and the konjac plant (the Japanese yam) is one of them.

So just to recap these noodles have no carbs, virtually no calories (a pack has approx 10 calories) , no wheat, no gluten and no sugar.

How to cook Shirataki noodles:

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