Vintage Food & Drink Ad’s To Make You Cringe

I love a good vintage ad. No only for the styling but also, it’s interesting to see how people viewed certain foods and drinks – especially when it comes to coca cola. But it’s even more interesting now, with the start of the sugar tax to see just how much sugar was pushed as a health tonic.

In fact, that’s exactly what coca-cola was when it was first launched, a brain tonic that supposedly cured headaches, anxiety, indigestion, addiction and depression.

It just goes to show that since the marketing companies took control of the food industry, we’ve been told that we need things like coke, chocolate – and in the case of some of these adverts, even cocaine, to give us energy and make us feel better.

What do you think?

vintage coke ad

vintage coke ad

What do you think – any vintage ad’s that stick in your mind?