Weekend Reads 15/8


First up, I have to share the above picture with you. Spotted whilst walking the dogs, I LOVE it. I’m not normally a graffiti fan (mostly, because it makes zero sense and where I live 9 times out of 10 is vulgar) but this was such a nice, positive message, beaming out in quite a secluded and grubby area.

Anyway, here are some interesting finds from across the web…

Science Confirms As Effective As 14 Drugs.

These are the foods we waste most in Britain (I’ll be doing a post on this next week!)

Did you see the major faux pas by Bic? I love Stabilio’s response (although, it has made me yearn for that back to school stationary stock up which I still take part in even though I left school eons ago!)

This online test can help you find your purpose & what lights you up.

Eating More Fat Makes You Smarter, Sexier, and Thinner.

Look. I know it’s bad but The Real Housewives franchise is my guilty pleasure (New York, Beverly Hills, Melbourne and Orange County incase you wondered). I love it. My favourite – New York – has just had it’s reunion and I LOVE this little video which sums it up perfectly. (FYI NSFW)

THIS kickstarter campaign.

Zen and the art of dying well.

Mindy Kaling’s Guide to Killer Confidence.

Have a good weekend all! And don’t forget to join me in a phone detox!


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