Monday Inspiration #006: Rethinking Unpopular

I have a bit of a thing for TED talks.

I love them. I spend hours flicking through them until someone comes along that really catches my attention.  That happened this week, I discovered the wonder that is Erika Napoletano. You simply NEED to put 17 minutes of your life to one side to watch her TED Talk on Rethinking Unpopular.

It IS time to start being more honest and not apologising for it.  Just watch the talk and let me know what you think…

Author: Rachael

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2 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration #006: Rethinking Unpopular”

  1. Great video Rachael. I am now going to follow Erica’s lead and become unpopular by un-friending all those people I friended and liked their page because they asked me to rather than because they offered something useful and interesting to me. You are definitely staying ON my list! Thanks Rachael for opening my eyes to this.

  2. Isn’t Erika great?
    I’m actually quite selective about who I friend and like because basically if I like a page that’;s crap then it waters down my own brand by association.
    A few slip through from time to time so a little weeding may be necessary.
    Thanks for the post Racheal

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